Stanley Butler

Pop, R&B, Jazz, Funk


"...I know that your influences within your life will help to mold your character. The influences also played ( and still today ) a huge part with my musical ideas and development. Also growing up across the street from Lincoln Center Of The Performing arts provided me to all of the cultural experiences to be imagined. In elementary school, I was drawn to music but my greatest love was sports ( baseball, football boxing & basketball ). I wasn’t until my mid- teens that through a friend I was invited to hang around with his band and this is where I picked up the bass guitar and I actually went on the road and lived a communal life for a couple of years with the band as form the first time that I picked up the bass, my mind was made up that I wanted to play as my livelihood. Being self-taught I later went on to college to learn musical theory and other applications. Living with musicians served to bring out the true passion that I will possess until the end. By being around musicians who woke up playing and fell of sleeping while playing was a driving force for me and it led me with my skills to organize and leadership roles throughout my career. I feel to be blessed being raised in N.Y.C." -Stanley Butler