Gregory Page



I was born & grew up in North London around musicians & was raised inside London's jazz nightclub circuit during the swingin' 1960's. As a teenager I showed little interest in academic or business studies and was always fascinated listening to 78 RPM records. I would sing along to my grandfather’s hand-cranked gramophone with my cardboard megaphone, never imagining that one day, far off in the future, I would be performing these songs on stage in theatres from California to Australia to the Netherlands. I was a tall, skinny loner with thick glasses and a stutter and found my imaginary friends within the grooves of these records, including my best friend the British crooner from the 1930's Al Bowlly. During the 1970's when punk rock music was rioting outside my bedroom window in Enfield I was singing along with Billie Holiday records. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gregory Page, “Croonadour” (crooner+troubadour), daydreamer, listener and ardent observer of life. The “true stories I make up” find their way from my journals into my lyrics. Songs are much like children. Some awaken me in the middle of the night. Others seem to hang around forever. Some rebel and run away from home. While others mature and just make me proud. I write songs to take my audience with me as I travel to places unpronounceable as they are beautiful—as I “rewind” to “the bad old days some would say are better forgotten.” My genre is “Modern Nostalgia.” -Gregory Page