Brad Rambur

Jazz, R&B, Corporate


When two-time Grammy winner Eric Marienthal announces that it’s time to make your first album, you don’t hesitate – you do exactly that. Released independently on August 19th, 2010, “Can’t Put It Down” contains 10 tracks. There are a number of interesting aspects to Rambur’s freshman effort. It is the first record, including his own, that Marienthal has produced completely and as the sole producer. Given that none other than Chick Corea produced Eric’s first record, he clearly had masterful examples to call upon for this effort. “Can’t Put It Down” is also the first time that Jazz Fusion giant Jeff Lorber and Marienthal wrote together for an artist other than themselves. That Lorber and Marienthal have a 25-year collaboration history, performing, writing and recording, makes this a notable ‘first.’ The several tracks written by Lorber and Marienthal are accompanied by tracks co-written by Rambur, Marienthal and others, including a cover of Leon Russell’s “This Masquerade.”