Jim Gibson

Classic Rock


Jim was born in Los Angeles California but grew up in Savannah Georgia. Moving back to Los Angeles where the music scene in the 60’s was busting open with Elvis, the Beatles, the Stones, Ray Charles, Motown, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Van Morrison, Paul Butterfield, and the hippie movement. Jim wanted to be a drummer, so his parents started him on accordion, after a year of accordion Jim still wanted to be a drummer so his parents had him play string bass in school orchestra, still wanting to be a drummer his parents got him a guitar. That turned out to be the perfect match for Jim. He played hours upon hours, day in and day out, ate with it, slept with it and started his own band at the age of twelve. He and his other buddies took to the garage and started hammering out the popular songs of the day. Soon the band started performing at school dances, hamburger joints, and USO’s all over southern California. While in junior high school his band started playing for high school dances and rallies, while in high school his band was soon playing for college concerts,dances and special events. When Jim reached college he felt compelled to travel and perform solo on the road. He started writing his own songs and started performing them as he was asked to open for established acts.