Scott Carter

R&B, Jazz Standards, Funk, Top 40, Corporate


Everybody loves music, but few are cut out to be the vessel to provide this magically universal gift. Fewer still are willing to make the sacrifices to focus on their craft such as leaving the proverbial “day job” behind in order to channel and fine tune this gift full time. Scott C. Carter is one such troubadour who, armed with musical intelligence, natural ability, desire and character, is producing music in the ever changing market of the music industry. Influenced by his father’s old Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk and Herbie Hancock jazz records and keeping his ear on Sly Stones late night radio program featuring The Temptations and The Four Tops, Scott knew early on what he wanted to be. Scott’s father even took him to see Buddy Rich live, but when he saw the Jackson Five for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show all thoughts of becoming anything other than a performer went out the window. Living in San Francisco’s Daily City, the attitude of the local youth was “Put up or shut up”. So when his brother and he would play the set of drums owned by one of the neighborhood kids, the rule was, “You play until you make a mistake”. Much to the chagrin of other kids waiting for their turn at the drums, Scott found himself in his natural element. Scott started playing drums at 9 years old and was performing his first paid gig with his brother by age 12.